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Residential & Commercial Spikeless Palm Tree Trimming Services

Palm trees have a long and rich history in the Hawaiian islands. They can be traced back to the early Polynesian travelers that sailed across the Pacific and discovered the Hawaiian islands. They are what’s known as a “canoe plant” or one of the 29 species of plants brought with them in their sailing canoes. They have become a familiar and iconic sight as a part of our landscape.

Like any other tree species, palm trees require regular trimming to maintain their health, safety and beauty. What do we mean by “safety” you ask? Have you ever noticed that there are never any coconuts growing on the palm trees in business or resort areas? That’s because if one were to fall and hit someone below it could cause serious injury and liability upon the property owner. Although there is an ancient Hawaiian tale that was recorded in the early 1900’s, that held true at least until 1973, that “as long as coconut trees bear they will never cause the death of you or your people, for they will always be a reminder of my devotion.”

What Is Palm Tree Trimming?

Palm tree trimming is the process by which our expert arborists remove dead or dying palm fronds. They will also prune any coconuts that are present. This not only sustains the health of the palm, but also reduces the liability caused by falling fronds or coconuts.

Palm trees also need to be trimmed in preparation for hurricane season which runs from June through November. Our trained arborists will inspect the palm tree and only remove what they think is necessary. We do not believe in the practice of “topping” a palm tree and view it as an unacceptable practice and will cause more damage to the palm than it prevents.

What Is Spikeless Palm Tree Trimming?

Speaking of damaging palm trees. You ever notice little holes lining the trunks of palm trees? Not so long ago, the only way tree care specialists could climb the trunks of palm trees was to attach sharp metal spikes to their lower legs and pierce the trunk to give them the foothold to climb the palm tree. Those are the little holes you see lining the length of the palm trunk. This is harmful to the long-term sustainability of palm trees! However, in the early 1960’s a mechanical device was invented that traces its roots right here to the Hawaiian islands and allows the arborist to scale the tree without the use of harmful spikes.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are no one size fits all when it comes to pricing the palm tree trimming project. Our professional arborists take a number of factors into consideration when pricing a project for our customers. They include the following:

  • Number of trees
  • Your requirements
  • Location and layout of the landscape
  • Safety and/or risk concerns
  • Time required to complete the project

That’s why we offer a free no obligation quote that is customized for each individual project we are considered for.

Trimming palm trees is very important to your tree’s overall health and aesthetics. But, these techniques shouldn’t be done by yourself as they can be very dangerous to you and those around you. Our team at Isaiah’s Tree Service are the Kauai tree experts at trimming your beautiful palm trees. Give us a call today to schedule your no obligation custom palm tree trimming estimate!

Spikeless Palm Tree Trimming Services - Isaiah's Tree Service

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