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What You Need To Know About Bucket Trucks
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What You Need To Know About Bucket Trucks

    1. Learn More About The Bucket Truck
    2. Should I Buy A Bucket Truck?
    3. Handle Your Tree Trimming Needs With Bucket Truck Expert

Wowing kids and adults alike, bucket trucks are a phenomenal vehicle that can make any job easier. Learn more about bucket trucks from the team at Isaiah’s Tree Service.

When it comes to life on the Hawaiian Islands, we love the beauty and shade of our local trees. We also love the access to electricity that the latest in high-wire lines have brought to every corner of the state.

What do we not love? When those two mix. On their own, trees and power lines can bring much to the lives of Hawaiian residents. Put them together, and you can be faced with a variety of problems – power outages, fire risks, downed lines, and more.

To keep our Hawaiian community safe, the team at Isaiah’s Tree Service works hard to ensure that trees remain safely trimmed and tamed so that they are not a risk to power lines, homes, or businesses. To get the job done, we utilize the latest in trimming techniques. But how does one reach the heights of most Hawaiian trees? With the power of the faithful bucket truck!

Learn More About The Bucket Truck

Bucket trucks are specially-designed trucks that utilize a hydraulic bucket, boom, and chip box. Also known as “forestry bucket trucks”, these trucks allow for individuals to ascend to the height necessary to trim and care for trees safely.

When using a bucket truck, a team will park the truck at the base of the tree they wish to service, and activate a series of powerful brakes to keep the vehicle in place. In some cases, extra stabilizers with braking systems are used to ensure the truck doesn’t tip to one side as the boom rises into the sky.

Once in place, a trained operator will raise the bucket to the required height to complete a job. The bucket can be moved to navigate around obstacles, giving the trimming team a better vantage point of the limbs or branches in question. The added control allows operators to reach difficult and dangerous locations while staying safely in place.

Should I Buy A Bucket Truck?

A bucket truck provides many benefits to those looking to access high locations on a property as well as reach the tops of trees for maintenance. The many uses available can make it tempting to purchase a bucket truck for use on your own residential or commercial property.

However, a bucket truck can be a costly investment if you don’t plan to utilize it for commercial purposes. Not only will it require a high upfront cost, but the training required to operate a bucket truck safely may be more than you or your team is ready to handle. When it comes to using bucket trucks for your business or home property, you best bet may be to hire a team who has access to a truck.

Handle Your Tree Trimming Needs With Bucket Truck Expert

A bucket truck is one of the most effective ways for you to take care of tree trimming with precision and care. However, bucket trucks can be an incredibly expensive investment to make if you are simply looking to access high-reaching limbs and branches.

Avoid the cost of training and truck purchase by partnering with a team with access to the latest in tree trimming technology. At Isaiah’s Tree Service, our team of trained professionals is trained in how to properly operate a bucket truck on a variety of property types. Our teams are licensed and insured – giving you peace of mind as we rise high into the sky to handle a variety of jobs.

Want to learn more? Contact the team at Isaiah’s Tree Service to learn more about bucket trucks, tree trimming, and a ton of other great tips and tricks. Our team is standing by to help you with a free consultation.

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