What Not to do With Palm Tree Fronds

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Palm fronds removal. What not to do with palm tree fronds. Palm trees are some of the most appealing trees that you can have in your yard. However, they do require some maintenance and if you are going to have palm trees in your yard you need to know what not to do with palm tree fronds and the tree in general. This knowledge will help you to have quality palm trees in your yard and maintain them properly retain palm trees that look great and provide you with all the benefits of having palm trees in your yard.


Freeze Them

One thing that you want to avoid when you are dealing with palm trees is frozen temperatures. You should do whatever you can to avoid having the fronds of your palm tree Frozen. This is the main reason that palm trees are meant for warmer climates and exposure to cold is not good for them.


Unclean Water

Another factor that can contribute to the downfall of a palm tree frond is dirty water. You should ensure that they are getting clean water and they’re not the victim of any harmful chemicals that may wash Downstream unintentionally.


Bad Soil

Finally, make sure that your palm tree has accessed good soil that is enriched with minerals. This may require you to provide compost what fertilizer to the tree to help it grow better and ensure that the fronds remain healthy.

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