Learn Your Tree Trimming Tools: The Woodchipper
Learn Your Tree Trimming Tools: The Woodchipper
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Learn Your Tree Trimming Tools: The Woodchipper

Table of Contents:

      1. What Is A Woodchipper?
      2. Varieties of Woodchippers
      3. Trust The Experts With Your Woodchipper Services

At Isaiah’s Tree Service, we help clients across the beautiful Hawaiian islands handle their various tree trimming and landscaping needs with some of the latest tools and equipment on the market. With our focus on quality service and safety, we ensure that every tool and technique we employ protects our team, our clients, and the natural Hawaiian vegetation.

To help you grasp a better idea of the various tools and techniques that Isaiah’s Tree Service employs, we have put together a blog series that will take an in-depth look at some of the equipment that can be utilized by Isaiah’s Tree Service. In this article, we will kick off our series with one of the most commonly-used pieces of equipment on any tree trimming job: the woodchipper.

What Is A Woodchipper?

Also known as a tree chipper, a woodchipper is a piece of heavy machinery that is utilized to ground down trees into small chips. These may include branches, tree trunks, and brush. By cutting large pieces or bunches of material into small chips, the time spent on cleanup and removal of tree debris can be drastically reduced.

As portable pieces of equipment, woodchippers typically come mounted on wheels for easy towing and movement on-site. Common woodchippers are powered by powerful engines that may range from 2.2 kw, 3 horsepower engines up to 750 kW, 1,000 horsepower. Some come equipped with hydraulics and a crane, allowing for customized use on various projects.

As tree branches and brush are cut down, these large pieces of tree can be fed into a metal hopper that guides the debris into a set of blades that rotate on an impeller. As the blades rotate at a high speed, they cut the brush and branches into smaller pieces, which are then spewed out the other end into a collection container. Depending on the settings, the chips may vary in size, making a woodchipper a great solution if you are looking to utilize the chips for other landscaping projects.

Pieces of brush and wood are fed into a hopper with a safety collar, which slides them into the actual cutting mechanism (blades set on a rotating impeller). The wood is then spewed out as chips into a chip truck’s dump container via a chute. The size of individual chips depends on the configuration chosen on the chipper.

Varieties of Woodchippers

You may be surprised to learn that there are different types and staples of woodchippers available. Each one operates slightly different, and can be used for various project types and potential use of the chips that created:

Disc Chippers:
Favored by most tree trimming companies, a disc chipper uses a steel disc with mounted blades to chip tree pieces into smaller pieces as the debris is fed into the hopper. Driven by an engine, the blades spin at a high rate of speed to cut the tree into small chips.

Drum Chippers:
A newer style of woodchipper, drum chippers utilize a motor-powered drum to feed tree branches down a rotating cylinder. As the tree pieces move through the drum, they are cut up into smaller pieces, and ultimately exit the drum as chips.

Wood Shredder:
A bit smaller than the average woodchipper, a wood shredder allows you to quickly cut up and grind branches and brush with greater mobility.

Chipper Shredder:
Chipper shredders bring together the shredding ability of a woodchipper with more control over the style and size of chips that are created.

Stump Grinder:
If you find yourself needing to mulch down a large tree stump following a tree service, a stump grinder can be used. Using a cutting wheel that has multi-toothed blades, this piece of equipment can make short work of large stumps and mulch down the stump into a flat surface.

Trust The Experts With Your Woodchipper Services

A woodchipper, as a powerful piece of equipment, requires a great deal of experience and safety to operate effectively. Without taking the proper steps to ensure safety and protection, those operating a woodchipper may risk injury or death should the unthinkable occur.

At Isaiah’s Tree Service, our team of dedicated tree trimming experts have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that your wood chipping services are completed quickly and efficiently. Not only will our team provide a high-quality woodchipper that is perfect for the job you need completed, but our contractors will work with you to determine how to service your property and utilize the chips that are created from your project. If you would like to have the chips removed from your property, our team can provide a truck to remove them following the use of the woodchipper.

If you would like to learn more about woodchipper services through Isaiah’s Tree Service, or any of our others available services, visit us online today.

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