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The Mango Tree: Hawaii’s Tasty Treasure
The Mango Tree - Hawaii's Tasty Treasure
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  2. The Mango Tree: Hawaii’s Tasty Treasure

The Mango Tree: Hawaii’s Tasty Treasure

Table of Contents:

      1. Getting To Know The Mango Tree
      2. Understanding Mango Rash
      3. Discover More With Isaiah’s Tree Service

Look up in nearly any corner of Hawaii, and you are bound to see the colorful, enticing fruit of the Hawaiian mango tree. These tall, strong, and fruitful trees are a favorite of residents and tourists alike, and the mango has become a staple of Hawaiian culture and society.

Mango trees are prevalent across much of Hawaii, and they have many traditional and modern uses in our everyday life! Often known as the “dooryard tree” in Hawaii neighborhoods, mango trees are incredibly popular due to their size, color, and the delicious fruit that can be harvested each year.

Getting To Know The Mango Tree

While mango trees are synonymous with Hawaii, they are actually not native to the area. Originally brought to Hawaii from India in 1824, mango trees have flourished in the Hawaiian ecosystem.

The reason that mango trees flourish in Hawaii is due to the wet environment that we enjoy. A healthy mango requires about 40 to 60 inches of rain each year. This watering allows them to grow tall and large, and begin to bear fruit after three to four years.

At that point, many mango trees will tower 20 feet above the ground! Mango fruit will typically ripen in the late summer and fall. Across Hawaii there are tons of types of mango tree fruit varieties, including Brook’s Late, Carrie, Exel, Fairchild, and more!

Mango fruit and mango tree leaves are utilized in a variety of creative ways. Mango is used for cooking, ice cream, drinks, skin care, and more! With so many reasons to love mango, it’s not surprising that so many Hawaii residents love their mango trees.

Understanding Mango Rash

Have you or your children ever experienced an itchy or burning rash after playing in the trees? It may be related to the mango tree! Known as Mango Dermatitis, mango rash is a rare allergic reaction that may be experienced when coming into contact with the sap of the mango tree when picking off the fruit or branches.

Mango rash can occur when your body has an allergic reaction to the chemical compounds in the sap, stem, or leaves of a mango tree. The reaction can range from swelling skin or itchy rash to severe blistering and burning. If you are concerned that you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to a mango tree, it is vital that you quickly wash any skin that has touched the tree or fruit and contact a healthcare professional to learn more.

Understanding the characteristics of the mango tree – as well as the signs to look for with mango rash – can help you avoid dangerous allergic reactions. If you are concerned with exposure to mango trees near your home or property, Isaiah’s Tree Service can help you take care of the mango trees without damaging your local ecosystem.

Discover More With Isaiah’s Tree Service

We are passionate about helping the residents of our beautiful state learn more about the natural wonders of our environment. As you can see, the mango tree is truly one of those rare treasures that sets Hawaii apart from the rest of the world. In order to help our state continue to nurture and protect the mango tree, the team at Isaiah’s Tree Service takes great care to ensure that every member of our team is educated and equipped to handle the mango tree when we encounter one.

While we are a leading team in the region for helping homeowners and business owners manage their wildlife, we are also a leading advocate for tree preservation and protection. No matter the services you require, you can trust that our team will go to great lengths to protect and preserve mango trees, as well as help educate you on the good and bad of these amazing trees!

Want to learn more about mango trees and the other varieties of tree and shrubbery native to Hawaii? Contact our team at Isaiah’s Tree Service today to learn more tips about tree identification, protection, and preservation. You can also browse our full suite of services to discover how Isaiah’s Tree Service can help you care for your property and the environment together!

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