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The Benefits of Composting in 2020
Benefits of Composting - Isaiah's Tree Service
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  2. The Benefits of Composting in 2020

The Benefits Of Composting

Table of Contents:

      1. The Top Benefits of Composting
      2. Breathing New Life Into Your Soil
      3. Lower Trash Bills
      4. A Fun Way To Get The Family Involved In Healthy Habits
      5. Start Your Composting Journey Today With Isaiah’s Tree Service

Have you ever considered the benefits of composting? Find out how this method of natural recycling can help you protect Hawaii’s natural environment – and give back to your own property as well!

At Isaiah’s Tree Service, we often field questions from Hawaii residents interested in maintaining their property while helping the environment. One of our favorite methods for giving back to our beautiful state is through composting.

By composting, homeowners can take the natural waste of everyday life – including yard and food waste – and naturally dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. While composting is a great way to stop filling landfills unnecessarily, there are many benefits to composting that you may not expect!

The Top Benefits of Composting

Reduction Of Waste In Our State

First and foremost, starting an organic composting habit can help reduce the amount of waste that fills landfills across the state. Many statistics show that up to 50% of what is thrown away in trash cans could be broken down naturally in a compost heap – reducing the amount of trash that goes to landfills.

Reducing landfill trash decreases the amount of dangerous methane gas released from landfills is drastically reduced, and overall, trash collection is decreased.

Breathing New Life Into Your Soil

Did you know that compost can help increase the health and vitality of your soil? As your compost begins to break down, organic matter in the soil is increased. This can help with grass, plants, and garden growth as the soil can absorb nutrients and avoid erosion.

Cleaner, More Abundant Ground Water

Compost also helps to soak up water that could be lost to erosion. This water is then sent to plants and grasses, which then helps to hold moisture. This increase in groundwater will not only help your vegetation grow, but it will reduce your need to water your grass and plants!

Lower Trash Bills

The more you compost, the less you have to throw away! This reduction in the amount of trash you accumulate and transport away from your property can result in much smaller trash bills for you and your family. This will mean more money in your pocket!

A Fun Way To Get The Family Involved In Healthy Habits

Most of all, composting can be a fun and educational way to get your entire family involved in helping keep Hawaii beautiful. Not only is composting a fun way to get rid of trash but watching the environment naturally dispose of trash can be fascinating to watch our beautiful world at work! If you were ever looking for a fun way to get your hands dirty and see how our planet naturally takes care of itself, then composting is the way to go!

Start Your Composting Journey Today With Isaiah’s Tree Service

As one of the Kauai’s most trusted tree and brush trimming and removal services, Isaiah’s Tree Service is committed to helping residents preserve and protect our beautiful natural landscape. By helping clients learn more about natural preservation methods such as composting, we empower our neighbors to build a better Hawaii for everyone!

As our team at Isaiah’s Tree Service helps residents and companies take care of tree trimming, removal and brushwork across the island, we are turning tree debris into compost-friendly wood chips that you can use to start your own composting habit! Simply contact our team today and let us know that you are interested in using wood chips for composting, and a member of our team will deliver an order to your home for free while we’re in the neighborhood!

We are proud to service the Kauai with top-tier tree services and environmentally-friendly tips. If you would like to learn more about composting or are interested in the other ways that Isaiah’s Tree Service is working hard to keep our island beautiful, visit us online today! You can even set up a free consultation today for tree services at your property – with a free set of composting wood chips included!




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