Discover The Natural Wonder of Hawaii’s Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees
Hawaii’s Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Discover The Natural Wonder of Hawaii’s Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Table of Contents:

    1. How The Rainbow Eucalyptus Found Its Way To Hawaii’s Shores
    2. Learn How Isaiah’s Tree Service Is Helping Protect Hawaii’s Natural Beauty

Spend any amount of time among the natural beauty of Hawaii’s islands, and you are sure to catch a glimpse of one of the region’s oldest and most regal flora – the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree. Shooting high into the blue Hawaiian sky and offering ample shade to the world below, the Rainbow Eucalyptus are a sacred treasure of the islands.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees often live anywhere from fifty to one hundred years, meaning that these trees have witnessed years of change to the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, many have stood strong as the world has churned from years of early settlement to the technical revolution. Producing small white flowers and featuring unmistakable multicolored bark, these strong guardians of Hawaii have remained while all else changes under their branches.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus gains its magical colored bark as the tree ages. As layers of bark are shed, green layers appear that begin their color journey across the spectrum. As different layers emerge, the rainbow of colors appear across the tree, painting the Hawaiian countryside with those magical colors that everyone loves!

How The Rainbow Eucalyptus Found Its Way To Hawaii’s Shores

Have you ever wondered how these beautiful trees made their way to Hawaii? While the natural beauty of the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree may seem at home in Hawaii, the very first rainbow eucalyptus was introduced to the natural environment as part of a reforestation movement in 1929. Delivered from the Philippines, the first Rainbow Eucalyptus trees were planted on Oahu at the Wahiawa Botanical Garden – likely to help aid in ongoing soil erosion being experienced by the area.

Since then, the region has been enjoying these tall and majestic trees as they provide shade for many of Hawaii’s regions – including Maui’s Hana Highway, Kauai, and Oahu. As decorative and revered trees, the Rainbow Eucalyptus has become a favorite of tourists and native Hawaiian residents alike.

Learn How Isaiah’s Tree Service Is Helping Protect Hawaii’s Natural Beauty

The Hawaiian Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees are a natural treasure that are facing increasing risk from deforestation and encroaching development. In order to ensure that the Rainbow Eucalyptus continues to remain a part of Hawaii’s natural beauty, Isaiah’s Tree Service works hard to protect and conserve these marvels of nature.

When it comes to helping preserve your property and the environment, Isaiah’s Tree Service is your family friendly, quality tree services. Our team of trained and experienced tree service professionals have years of experience working with the natural environment of our beautiful state, and we take all precautions to ensure that trees such as the Rainbow Eucalyptus are preserved.

At Isaiah’s Tree Service, we only hire professional arborists that are qualified and teamwork-oriented in order to provide you with the highest level of service. If you are needing tree removal or tree trimming services, you can trust our team of professionals to take care of any tree-related issues while helping keep Hawaii beautiful. Want to learn more about the trees you see everyday around Hawaii, and how Isaiah’s Tree Service is working hard to keep our state beautiful? Head online today to see more, and set up a free consultation today!

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