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Is It Safe To Cut Down Trees Or Branches

There are many circumstances that affect the way a tree falls when being cut down. The direction the tree is being cut from, the slant at which the tree is growing, the branches weight throughout the tree, and even at times the speed of the wind can cause a harmful landing. Without taking these factors and much more into consideration, trees can be very risky to cut. When a tree falls in the wrong direction it could damage  houses, power lines with the possibility of starting fires, or severely injure people in the area. When a tree is cut down, there is always the possibility of it breaking into multiple pieces. At times the tree will have loose limbs and rubble that will drop free as the tree collapses. These loose limbs and rubble may fall and hurt people standing nearby on the ground and even damage equipment or property. This risk is even greater when dealing with a tree that is dead or in the process of dying. Another extreme danger is the equipment being used to drop the tree. At most times a chainsaw is being used, which is one of the most dangerous assets of tree trimming. Incorrect use may cause severe injuries or even death of the operator. It is important to never cut towards your body, in the case that the saw slips towards you. Also being aware of the saws “kickback” when it comes in contact with a tough part in the tree, causing the saw to thrust back towards the operator. When cutting down a tree or it’s limbs, you are also able to damage or weaken the tree without using proper techniques. When a tree is weakened, it becomes very dangerous. Even though a tree may appear to be healthy on the outside, an unexposed weak point within the tree will make it very vulnerable to wind, or being hit by various objects.  Although tree trimming is extremely dangerous,  a trained professional tree trimmer will take their time as well as taking all of these points and much more into consideration, before cutting a tree down. A professional tree trimmer understands the extreme importance of taking time to think and consider all of the possible things that could go wrong before beginning their process. If you are not informed or trained to trim a tree, it is highly advised to hire a professional to safely take on the job.