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Hurricane Tree Preparedness: What You Need To Know 2020
Hurricane Tree Preparedness - Isaiah's Tree Service
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  2. Hurricane Tree Preparedness: What You Need To Know 2020

Table of Contents:

  1. Prepare for the Storm
  2. What to Do After the Storm

Hurricane Tree Preparedness: What You Need to Know 2020

While trees can be a beloved part of your property, they can also become a hazard in the midst of a hurricane. Hurricane tree preparedness is something many property owners don’t think about; however, being prepared can protect your property and others. In this article we’re going to discuss how you can prepare your greenery before a hurricane hits.

Prepare for the Storm

Before a hurricane comes, you’ll need to make sure that your trees are properly pruned. Improperly pruned trees can increase the likelihood that they will fall and become a hazard during the storm. Also, you’ll want to keep an eye out for trees with dense canopies, dead or dying trees, or newly planted trees. These trees can become hazardous during a storm, and you should hire professionals to take care of them.

To prepare for a hurricane or hurricane season follow these steps:

– Always hire professional tree experts to prune and trim your trees.
– Do not try to trim or prune your trees yourself because if you do not do the job well it can lead to hazardous trees.
– Leave the tree’s root system alone.
– Make sure to remove any leftover branches or trimmings to avoid any waste being picked up by the storm which can cause damage to your property.

What to Do After the Storm

After the storm has passed, it’s time to assess any damage that might’ve been dealt to your property. If you notice many dead or loose branches or damaged trees, you’ll want to call professional tree experts to handle the scene. They will be able to clean up the mess that the trees caused and also they will be able to assess your current trees to determine if they pose a liability for future storms.

Hired professionals will remove any trees that are posing a threat to your property or others around you. If you notice any power lines may be down, make sure to stay clear to keep you and others safe. If any trees of a high probability of proving to be a problem later, trained arborists will safely remove them or trim and prune them to make sure they won’t be a hazard later.

We at Isaiah’s Tree Service have been working hard for the people of Kauai for over a decade. Our tree trimming and removal services are well-known for keeping you and your property safe. If you want to avoid any potential hurricane damage, call us to come over to give you a no obligation estimate to help you prepare for any possible upcoming weather disaster.

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